We Are the Award Winning Web Studio That Teaches You How to Make Websites

Join our workshop about handmade ceramics and create unique pieces that you can decorate with selected engobe glazes

We Love to Craft and Teach Web Stuff

Web studio is an online agency based in Melbourne, a creative team with a passion for helping businesses tell their story authentically, in turn attracting new customers and driving business growth. 

We understand business. Our team draws on our collective experience to provide a holistic service that meets all your marketing and website needs.

We will guide you through the digital marketing space – taking the time to listen to your goals and offer tailored advice and unique solutions.

Our Trainers

Jonna Edwrds

WordPress Basics Instructor

Mikel Daniels

Master The Basics Instructor

Ella Finors

WordPress Basics Instructor

Storm Wills

WordPress Hero Instructor